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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase a ENVIRO Clothesline?

Rain, hail or shine, the ENVIRO Clothesline gives you the freedom to dry your wash outdoors ~ allowing you to decide when you do your laundry rather than have the weather dictating. Costwise, the world’s first clothesline and cover in one is actually less expensive to buy than most conventional uncovered clotheslines; and by removing the need for tumble drying, it helps to significantly reduce power bills. Environmentally, cutting down your indoor drying electricity consumption also means less greenhouse gas emissions. So on every practical level, it simply makes better sense to start using a ENVIRO Clothesline.

Does the All Weather Cover need to be removed after each use?

No. Once installed, the ENVIRO Clothesline can remain upright with the cover affixed ready for instant use.

Does the ENVIRO  Clothesline feature a ‘fold down’ facility?

Yes. There is a ‘fold down’ facility that enables the ENVIRO Clothesline to be folded back against its support. It is a simple process that just involves removing two holding pins. ? Our research, however, shows that the majority of customers prefer to leave their clotheslines set-up, rather than folding away and setting up after each use.

What sizes is the ENVIRO  Clothesline available in?

You have a choice of two clothesline sizes depending on your space restrictions. The small measures 2250mm x 1100mm; and the large is 2250mm x 1300mm. ?

Is the ENVIRO  Clothesline backed by a warranty?

Yes. All wall-mounted and freestanding models come with a full 10 Year Structural Warranty on the frame. 

Where can it be installed?

The ENVIRO Clothesline can either be affixed to a support wall or onto freestanding poles. It is important to ensure the support wall is sturdy, intact and can accommodate the weight of the clothesline as well as the additional weight of damp washing.

What decorator colours are available?

The ENVIRO  Clothesline is available in a neutral beige. Which blends in perfectly with virtually any exterior setting.

Why should I use a ENVIRO Clothesline rather than a tumble dryer?

FACT ~ It is better for your clothes. It keeps them looking newer for longer and retains fabric and colour integrity.
FACT ~ It saves you money. Tumble drying clothes is costly and over time adds to electricity bills. Naturally air drying is a significant cost saver.
FACT ~ It is environmentally friendly. And in helping reduce the use of electricity also aids in reducting the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.
FALSE ~ A tumble dryer is faster. Often air dried washing is quicker and smells fresher than tumble dried.

Do I need to have the ENVIRO Clothesline installed by a professional?

Not at all. Installation is a simple, nine step Do-It-Yourself process as shown on the instruction sheet. However, should you have any queries that need an answer, then assistance isn’t far away.
Simply call our Advisory Service Hotline on 1300 941 321 (for residents living within Australia).

How do I purchase a ENVIRO Clothesline?

All purchases are made online through the ENVIRO Clothesline website.

What is the delivery time and is there a separate delivery fee?

Delivery is free anywhere within Australia and takes between 7 to 10 business working days from the date of placing an order.
For people residing outside Australia, delivery times and shipping costs will vary and need to be individually assessed according to geographic location. But wherever you live, you can be sure we’ll do our level to get your ENVIRO Clothesline to you just as quickly and economically as possible.

What our Customers Have To Say

"It makes doing my twice weekly wash less of a chore." "I just peg 'em out to dry and get on with my day." "Now the living room doesn't look like a 2nd laundry." "It really has helped us to lower our power bills." "I don't miss rushing home to rescue clothes from rain."